Everest Region offers variety of thing to do. Here are some lists below that Everest Lodge helps to the clients.

Different Trekking Trail: You can do trek in different trail to Khumbu region. Lukla to Everest Base Camp trek, Lukla to Gokyo Valley trek, Lukla to Rengo Pass along Thami Trek and Lukla to Tengboche trek along Namche.

Mountains: The Everest Khumbu Region is justifiably famous not only by the highest mountain Everest bus more than enough mountains over 8,000m. The most magnificent view of mountain can be seen in Everest Region. Mt. Everest (8848m), Nuptse (7879m), Lhotse (8501m), Kwangde, Tabuche, Ama Dablam, Kangtega, Thamsekru, Kusum Kanguru, Island Peak, Mera Peak and more mountain are good will of this region.

Festivals: In addition to the February celebration of the Tibetan New Year, or Lhosar, there are two uniquely Sherpa festivals that you may encounter in Solukhumbu.

Mani Rimdu: This festivals is celebrated at the monasteries of Tengboche, Thame. The monks wear elaborate masks and costumes and though a series of ritualistic dances, dramatise the triumph of Buddhism over Bon, the ancient animistic religion of Tibet .Hundreds of Sherpa from all over Khumbu attened the performance. This celebration usually takes place at the November- December full moon.

Dumji: Dumji is the celebration of the birth of the Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava). It is a six day celebration that takes place in June when few tourists are in Khumbu. Eight families sponsor the event each year. It is a heavy financial burden, so this responsibility is rotated in turn among the villagers. Separate celebrations take place in the villages of Namche Bazaar, Khumjung Thame in June. Dumji of Lukla will be celebrated in May. 

Flora & fauna: Khumbu Region has rich flora and fauna in the context of high Himalaya. The Chir pine and blue pine are the only two pieces of pine found in Nepal. The chir pine is a tall, straight conifer that appears on sunny slopes in the subtropical zone. The blue pine is generally found higher than the chir pine, growing the altitude up to 4000m. Junipers are found in a dwarfed form in the subalpine region at altitudes over 4000m. Junipers in tree form are found around Thami. Hemlock and silver fir are also well represented in this area.

Birds: The Golden eagle is the most common of the resident. Eurasian Kestral, Goshawk, Red Billed and yellow billed choughs of the crow family, Snow Pigeon, Impeyan Pheasant, Crimson-horned Pheasant, Tibetan Snow cock are the familiar birds of this region.

Animals: Animals like Barking Deer, Musk deer and Himalayan Thar, Yak and Nak are found in Everest Region.